Introducing Sheldon Pasciak
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I've been a hobbyist developer for over 30 years. Following my retirement from active duty with the US Army in 2011, I returned to college and earned my bachelor's degree in information technology. I graduated with high honors and continue to pursue a career in technology.



After serving for over 20 years as a US Army soldier, leader and hobbyist developer, I'm ready to work again for a living. After retirement from the Army in 2011, I returned to college and achieved my bachelor's degree along with an advanced technology certificate in web application programming. Give me the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Failure is never an option.

The Amazing Team

Although I'm able and willing to work as a valuable member of any team, I'm equally capable for delivering quality software independently through each phase of the software development lifecycle.

Lead Designer (ME)

Lead Marketer (MYSELF)

Lead Developer (I)

Full Stack Developer, node-js, express, c#, .net, SQL, mongoose, python, html, css, jquery

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